This is the first time I’ve heard about this –The Butterfly Effect. After reading an article or two, I somehow grasped what this is about and its pretty interesting and simple.

Even the simplest or littlest thing such as the flapping of a butterfly wing, or the falling of a single leaf from an old oak tree contributes to the state of everything. That is to say, everything, no matter how small, no matter how unnoticeable, no matter how trivial, is of significance. And that my friend, is the beauty of the Butterfly Effect.

I always seem to talk or write in the psychological perspective of things. I view the world backed up with the idea of human behavior and preferences. Humans and the way we think is an interesting thing, and by observation, everything we do always boils down to human satisfaction. What the world has become, and what the world is going to be will always be attributed to human satisfaction – the thirst to satisfy our needs. And that my friend, is my fair share of the Butterfly Effect.

Desire, which is not even a tangible thing is a major contributor to the state of things. In whatever aspect, everything will always, at some point, boil down to human desire. This is because by nature, according to Adam Smith, humans are motivated solely by self-interest. Everything we do, everything we did, and every thing we are going to be doing, is always for the sole purpose of personal gain – even sympathy and compassion in itself. And that my friend, is the human Butterfly Effect.

Now that I have mentioned Adam Smith, I am thinking of writing a separate article discussing his philosophy on human nature. See, another butterfly effect. One situation leading to another. When I will tell someone who haven’t read this article that I want to write an entry on the Philosophy of Adam Smith because of “The Daily Post”, that will leave them wondering. Because in the present perspective of writing a different article, The Daily Post seems to be insignificant. But if they will trace everything step by step, they will realize that everything is connected. One situation leading to another – a Butterfly Effect.