Life may not have been a fairytale for me. I didn’t grow up in pretty dresses nor have I been to a lot of pretty places. I grew up though with a lot of thoughts and dreams. Life is sweeter when you start from the bottom, I think. Because then you’ll grow up tough and life’s taunts will not hurt as much. I always was certain with my goals and choices but only when I’m almost at the finish line did I realize that all this time I have been running along a path that is not mine. I struggled towards the end of the lap because it doesn’t matter whether I did or did not make the right choice, choosing is all behind me now. What I’m going to do starting from here is that I’m going to turn this into the right choice and I’m going to live this path without regret. I am Harriet Angelie Gonzales, I chose to be a programmer, and this is where my story will start.